Gremlins in the Gym: A Halloween tale |

Gremlins in the Gym: A Halloween tale

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Special to the DailyLeni Ronzio's fourth graders at Brush Creek Elementary write a Halloween story every fall.

One Wednesday morning, the students of Mrs. Ronzio’s class were messing around and talking about what they were going to be for Halloween. They were headed to the gym for their first Special. One look from Mrs. Ronzio as she opened the door to the gym made everyone fall silent. Quietly they entered the gym and saw a room that they didn’t recognize.

Eerie green fog came from a corner of the room. Scratchy noises, like cat claws on linoleum, emerged from the darkness. Suddenly, the gym was dead silent. Fifty pairs of yellow, snake-like eyes popped through the gloom.

BOOM! The door slammed shut and the whole class jumped.

“Let’s get out of here!” screamed Ally.

“What the heck is going on?” asked Hailey as the entire class rushed to the door.

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“It’s locked!” yelled Richard as he slammed his shoulder into the heavy wooden door.

“Let me try,” said Mrs. Ronzio as she tried the lock. “It seems to be jammed.”

From the back of the class, Alex exclaimed, “What was that noise?”

“Help!” a voice screamed from the equipment closet.

“I think that was Ms. Fullhart,” said Ashley.

“It came from over there by the bathrooms,” said Marissa.

“If that was Ms. Fullhart, we can’t leave without her,” exclaimed Brandon. “Maybe she has a key to let us out.”

The door to the equipment closet was cracked open with a sliver of light illuminating Ms. Fullhart’s frightened face. She yelled at the class to get inside. The class raced to the closet and Ms. Fullhart locked everyone inside.

“Little green monsters invaded my gym this morning! I locked myself in here and haven’t been able to escape!” Ms. Fullhart told the huddled students.

“I think they’re gremlins!” Dudley explained. “I just saw the movie and the eyes glowed just like that in the show.”

“That’s crazy,” said Mrs. Ronzio. “Let me see out there again.”

Very slowly, the teachers cracked open the door and peered out. A terrifying cackle echoed throughout the gym. A chill went up everyone’s spine and Ms. Fullhart pulled the door shut.

“I think Dudley is right,” said Ms. Fullhart.

“What are we going to do?” asked Kyle.

“We are never going to get out of here!” screamed Sierra.

In the back of the room, Hayden began hitting a hockey stick against the floor.

“Stop making that racket!” ordered Ms. Fullhart.

“Wait! We could use the sticks against them!” offered Alix.

“And the baseball bats!” said Randy as he picked one up off the shelf.

“We could use the volleyball net to trap them!” said Jaycey and Ivy in unison.

“The soccer balls could trip them,” Charlie said.

“How about the scooter carts? We could run them over!” suggested Erin.

The entire class began planning how to fight the gremlins.

A few moments later, the whole class dashed out of the equipment closet armed with hockey sticks, balls, nets, scooters, ropes, bats, and hula-hoops.

“CHARGE!!!” commanded Ms. Fullhart.

Brandon, Richard and Kyle came racing down on scooters, hitting some gremlins with baseball bats. “This is just like T-ball!” Brandon told Kyle.

Bang! Pow! Zac, Robert, and Charlie rolled the heavy medicine balls like bowling balls, scattering the gremlins everywhere!

Gremlins were still all over the gym. Jaycey, Ivy, Ally and Sophia ran with the volleyball net pulled tight between them. Just like a fisherman’s net, they scooped up a “boat-load” of gremlins and tied them up into a ball.

Ashley and Erin, Marissa and Amber, Hailey and Alex, and Cristian and Alix paired up on the scooters with jump ropes. As Ashley, Marissa, Hailey and Cristian pushed, Erin, Amber, Alex and Alix held onto the scooter and one end of their rope. The pairs scooted across the floor with the rope taunt between them, tripping the gremlins to the hard wooden floor.

Running up to the fallen gremlins, Matteo, Kevin, Dudley and Sierra used the hockey sticks to slap shot the monsters into the wall, knocking them unconscious.

Jordan and Chloe used their soccer skills to kick balls into the gremlins’ stomachs, doubling them over with pain.

Cooper and Hayden threw footballs at their heads, cracking their skulls.

“Do you have your key to the outside?” asked Mrs. Ronzio.

“Yes!” Ms. Fullhart. “Let’s go let the sunshine come in!”

Quickly they raced to other side of the gym and opened the doors. Golden rays of sunshine spread throughout the gym.

POOF! As the sunshine hit each of the little monsters, they exploded and turned to ashes, leaving small, grey hills of powder all over the gym floor.

“Cool,” said Matteo.

“You don’t see that very often,” commented Zac.

“Who’s going to clean up this mess?” asked Mr. Mick.

Everyone turned to find the janitor, Mr. Mick, standing at the hallway door with a disgusted look on his face.

“One, two, three … Not it!” chorused the class as they tore out to the playground and sunshine.

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