Grilling tips from the pros at Moe’s Original Bar B Que (video) |

Grilling tips from the pros at Moe’s Original Bar B Que (video)

Ben Gilbert knows barbecue.

He founded Moe’s Original Bar B Que along with two other Vail locals, Mike Hernandez and Jeff Kennedy. The “boys from Bama” met while at the University of Alabama and learned they loved all things football, whiskey and barbecue but they also loved the mountains. The trio came to Vail to start the very first Moe’s Original Bar B Que on the corner of Highway 6 and Edwards Village Boulevard in 2001. Now they have 64 locations across the U.S.

Here’s Gilbert’s advice for your 4th of July cookouts:

• Definitely brine all poultry items over night. That is just equal parts kosher salt and brown sugar mixed in water. It acts as a marinade pulls out the impurities and sweetens and seasons the meat.
• Have a rub to put on the meat when grilling or smoking. It adds flavor to the meat. Put on a dry rub before you put it in a smoker or grill. Buy it at the grocery story or come by Moe’s.
• When cooking ribs or pork shoulder put them on the grill or smoker until you get good color on them, almost a crimson color. Once you’ve reached that color, wrap ribs or pork shoulder in tin foil, which will cause the steaming process. That allows the muscle tissue to break down so it will be more tender when done.

• Don’t let the temperature on your grill or smoker vary, try to keep a constant temperature. A grill may fluctuate, so grab a grill thermometer. You want even cooking all the way thru. Do not open a close the grill often, as that can alter the temperature.
• Don’t be oblivious to temperatures when cooking various meats. Poultry, pork and beef all require a specific internal temperature range for proper cooking to prevent people from getting sick. This can easily be checked by a probe thermometer.
• Whatever you do, don’t start the fire until you’ve got a good bottle of whiskey near by!

Gilbert invites you to call Moe’s if you have some barbecue questions, they’ll be open until until 5 PM on the 4th of July. Or, just stop by and let the professionals handle it at their Vail or Eagle locations.

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