Groom(ed) and gorgeous |

Groom(ed) and gorgeous

Lyndsay Jo Hackman

After putting countless hours into wedding planning as the big day approaches, it is important to consider the appearance as bride, groom and participants during the big day, especially for the ever-lasting photo album.

While some soon-to-be-weds stick to traditional styles, others strive to achieve unconventional looks.

Regardless of the wedding theme, coordinating colors pull together the celebration and enhance pictures. Along with the wedding theme and dress color, details such as makeup, hair and nails should also match or complement the overall look.

“You should set up a consultation six months to six weeks ahead of time and bringing in a color swatch of the dress is a very good idea,” said Theresa Minami of Hair West and Skin Aesthetics in Avon.

With colors and themes in mind, makeup artists, hair designers and manicurists can better accommodate the customer, Minami said.

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No more stiff affairs

Hair styles for this year are softer and more natural looking.

“Brides want hair that can blow in the wind and still look beautiful,” said Dawn Austin-Morgan, owner of The Image Shop in Frisco. “The men’s hair is not so military and they avoid the just-cut look without stiff hairspray or gel.”

This year, veils and tiaras are out and many brides are now going for a country look. Speak to the hairdresser weeks or months in advance and do take a friend to give an honest opinion about the style and color, but most of all, opt for something that will feel comfortable, said Cathrine Harvey, a hair designer at Salon Tullio in Aspen.

While hair designers routinely do traditional wedding hair styles, occasionally a bride wants something that borders on outrageous.

“One bride wanted a Styrofoam ball and ivy wrapped in her hair with a bird on top to look as if she crawled out of the forest, but she was happy and it was what she wanted,” said Harvey of a hair creation more memorable than stylish.

Facing the photographer

When it comes to faces, well done makeup will enhance features in photographs.

“Bring in the lipstick and mascara you have chosen and we can work around it,” said Minami. “Then it can be followed with blush, eye shadow and a hint of dress color.”

New products include mineral makeup that gives a natural glow, provides more depth and contouring for pictures, all while offering full sun protection. It is also perfectly acceptable these days to opt for hair and lash extensions to help their look along, said Minami.

Other ways to enhance facial features is to wax eyebrows and tint lashes and brows.

“Most important are your brows,” said Tea Graves of Hair West Skin and Aesthetics. “It softens everything and opens the eyes making it easier to apply makeup.”

Beyond the surface, exfoliating the skin gives a fresh look and makes makeup application smoother, said Minami.

Beauty is in your hands

Showing off a new left-hand ring attracts the focus to the fingernails. Women typically go for a traditional French manicure, or a nude, opaque nail color on both finger and toenails. Some new styles include gemstone hues or sparkly colors. Some brides still choose to wear red because it looks more polished than a French manicure, said Michelle Romeo, a manicurist at Hair West Skin and Aesthetics.

Nails of the bride and bridesmaids often are similar or match in shade and also coordinate with flower colors so everything matches in the pictures, said Romeo.

When it comes to a manly manicure, natural is the name of the game.

“Men prefer manicures buffed to a high shine or the use of a nail strengthener with a matte finish so it looks like their nails and they don’t look shiny,” said Romeo.

No matter what style you choose, the important thing is to plan ahead and be sure the complete look is comfortable and suitable for the wedding in order to avoid last minute stress and disappointment.

Most of all, avoid a look that completely covers up your features, said Autumn Miller, a makeup artist at Salon Tullio

“Don’t do anything super-trendy, be as beautiful as when the other person fell in love with you,” she said.

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