Groping suspect arrested in Glenwood Springs |

Groping suspect arrested in Glenwood Springs

Bobby Magill

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – Glenwood Springs’ alleged groper has been nabbed. With the help of multiple witnesses and good composite sketches of the suspect, Glenwood police on Tuesday arrested Manuel Enrique Andrade-Gomez, 22, whom police allege inappropriately touched multiple women in downtown Glenwood Springs in more than five incidents since Christmas. Andrade-Gomez’s alleged victims range in age from 22 to 60. They have sometimes been alone, and other times in the company of up to two other people when allegedly attacked.The first victim allegedly kneed Andrade-Gomez in the groin and fled. In another case, he grabbed himself in the groin area during the encounter. Six of the incidents were on Sundays.Wilson described the alleged incidents as sneak attacks. The victims told police they didn’t feel threatened beforehand. In some cases the victims and attacker exchanged greetings before he struck.Andrade-Gomez had allegedly been at it up through last weekend, when he allegedly exposed himself on Seventh Street Sunday night, but police were unable to locate him at the time, Wilson said. An off-duty officer who was familiar with a composite sketch of the suspect spotted a man downtown matching the sketch early this week. Andrade-Gomez was then brought in for questioning and later identified by one of his alleged victims, Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson said. Police obtained an arrest warrant on Tuesday and a search warrant for his home on Wednesday. Andrade-Gomez had been living in West Glenwood. Wilson said the police relied on “really good witnesses” to apprehend Andrade-Gomez. In his 22 years of police work, Wilson said he had rarely encountered a case in which two people witnessed the same incident and came forward with good descriptions of the suspect. The composite sketch police created from the witness descriptions was accurate enough for the off-duty officer to recognize Andrade-Gomez while driving down a street, Wilson said. Andrade-Gomez was charged with one count of indecent exposure and three counts of unlawful sexual contact, and was jailed on $10,000 bond. He was still in police custody Wednesday night, Wilson said. Vail, Colorado

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