Group wants to display bulldozer from rampage |

Group wants to display bulldozer from rampage

Allen Best

GRANBY – The debate over the future of the concrete-and-steel fortified bulldozer that was taken on a rampage through Granby last June, causing $5 million in damage, continues. Although a court has ordered it destroyed and bestowed custody on the county sheriff, the local historical association would like to get the bulldozer and eventually put it on display. “This is a significant event in the history of Grand County,” said Don Woster, the executive director of the Grand County Historical Association. In considering the bulldozer, it should be considered from the perspective of 50 years from now, he said.Law enforcement officials insist that the more important consideration is what would happen if it got in the hands of those who wanted to glorify the rampage and Marvin Heemeyer, the municipal malcontent who created it, explains the Sky-Hi News.Small town waiting for Wal-MartFRASER – It may already be too late, but Fraser’s town government is talking about how to respond if Wal-Mart or some other big-box retailer decides it wants to build there.”I don’t think we should just wait until a major retailer walks into a meeting and says they’ve bought land, and what color do we want the building,” Fraser Mayor Pat Howlett told the Winter Park Manifest. “This is our opportunity to decide the rules of engagement.”There is some evidence that Wal-Mart has been scoping out the Winter Park-Granby area, where Fraser is located, as it plots more expansion into fast-growing regions of the Rocky Mountains. While still happily backwards compared to high-end places like Jackson Hole, Park City and Vail, the Fraser Valley is poised to become a boom area, owing to its proximity to metropolitan Denver about 90 minutes away.However, dictating terms of Wal-Mart’s arrival may be too late. Fraser previously approved development on a scenic meadow between the towns of Fraser and Winter Park that has one of the classic backdrops of the Rocky Mountains. Vail, Colorado

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