Grow unique, heirloom veggies in the Vail Valley |

Grow unique, heirloom veggies in the Vail Valley

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The Eagle-Vail Community Garden committee hand-selected 72 varieties of unique, organic and heirloom seeds for “The Great, Amazing Seed Sale,” which takes place today at 6:30 p.m. at the Eagle-Vail Pavilion. The sale is a fundraiser for the 72-plot community garden located in Eagle-Vail.

Seeds you won’t find at Big Box stores – such as white icicle radish, long red Florence onion, Detroit dark red beet, dragon carrot, blue podded peas, black velvet nasturtium, crisp mint lettuce and true lemon cucumber – are offered at the sale. All seeds were divided into smaller packs for the individual gardener and selected to sow outdoors and succeed in high altitude gardens.

Organized by a core committee and built entirely by volunteer hands, Eagle-Vail Community Garden has 60 4-foot-by-8-foot raised beds and 12 4-foot-by-16-foot “corporate” beds, set aside for businesses. Currently, restaurants Grouse Mountain Grill in Beaver Creek, Splendido in Beaver Creek, Vin48 in Avon, Loaded Joes in Avon and Leonora in The Sebastian at Vail grows in the garden. In addition to individual plots, the garden has communal gardening areas, demonstration gardens to host educational workshops and exhibit high-altitude growing techniques. The garden was recently awarded a grant to build a perennial area, which will include themed garden beds such as habitat gardens, native perennials, a beer and wine garden and sensory plants.

The garden committee is raising funds for this new perimeter area and hopes to build a much-needed new garden shed. Funds raised will also go toward education efforts at the garden.

Currently, the garden is sold out and there is a waiting list. The high participation rate reflects a trend of communities across the country turning to neighborhood gardens both for a food source and a sense of community. For more information about the Eagle-Vail Community Garden or the Great, Amazing Seed Sale, email or visit the website at http://eaglevail

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