Grown-ups get goofy at Masquerade Escape |

Grown-ups get goofy at Masquerade Escape

Carolyn Pope / Special to the Daily

Grownups can have fun, too, during the Halloween season. For one night, parents, teachers and staff, and other guests hid their true selves, donned a fantasy costume and became – heaven forbid – their alter egos.

I believe there’s some truth that: when someone has the opportunity to morph into another creature, it reveals some hidden desire.

The event? The Eagle County Charter Academy’s second-annual Masquerade Escape.

You shouldn’t be surprised that a few of those guests asked to be “off the record” in their duds, so, for modesty’s sake, you won’t see them here. Trust me, though, some went as far as becoming parts of the human anatomy – for fun or a political statement. And the principal, Jay Cerny, primped as a pimp. Making some money on the side, Jay?

Brian Nolan stepped into the middle of an end table with book, alarm clock, glasses and lampshade. You’ll never guess – a “one night stand”. His wife, Pat, was more subdued. She bore an uncanny resemblance to chef Julia Child.

Mark and Susan Lathrop came as Cruella De Ville and Bongo, and of course, the requisite Roy and his pet tiger made their bloody appearance. The first and second grade teachers came as the crew from the Wizard of Oz.

All of the fun took place Nov. 1 at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek.

Dana Cook artfully decorated the lobby and auditorium, and the food was a joint effort from Tracy Van Curan of Foods of Vail and John and Sue Provost of Mountain Catering.

Avon Liquors provided the wine for the evening. Around 200 guests milled about bidding on items in the silent auction, emceed by Steve Pope, who stepped in for an ill Kirk Van Hee. The eighth grade class served hors d’oeuvres, overseen by alumni Jessica Provost.

After a sit-down dinner of prime rib was consumed, the Harry Baxter Band kicked into full swing. The event was chaired by Sue Provost and co-chair Beth White, and is bound to be the happening place for adults next year.

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