Gun reported in Eagle bar altercation |

Gun reported in Eagle bar altercation

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –Eagle Police were called to a local tavern at closing time last week on a report of an armed altercation.

When an officer arrived, he encountered an employee leaving work. She confirmed there had been a fight outside the business between three local men and five “out-of-towners.” However, the employee said everyone had left the scene. She didn’t know about a gun being involved.

Meanwhile another officer stopped a vehicle matching the description of the locals’ car. The officer also spotted a suspect pounding on the front window of a downtown Eagle bar. Acting on the information that the suspect might be armed, the officer drew his gun and told the man to stop and put his hands up in the air. According to the police report, the man did not have a gun in his hand at that point.

While the man initially complied with the officer’s orders, when he turned around he took off running down Broadway. The police report notes the officer saw the man toss a gun while he was running. Eventually the suspect’s shoes came off, he ran into a fence and fell to the ground. The officer caught up to him and handcuffed him. The police report notes the suspect smelled strongly of alcohol.

After placing the suspect in custody, police interviewed his companions back in the car. The two men inside said they had been hanging out at the bar until last call when their companion attempted to get people at another table to sell him their pitcher of beer. They refused and after they left the establishment, a shouting and pushing match ensued. Eventually one of the men threw a punch and the suspect began brandishing a gun.

The man was taken into custody and felony charges are pending.

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