Gun-wielding brothers sentenced after neighbor shot one in self-defense |

Gun-wielding brothers sentenced after neighbor shot one in self-defense

Assailant shot with a concealed handgun after he threatened neighbor with a gun

T.J. Reynolds will spend six and a half year in prison for his part in threatening a neighbor with a gun. The neighbor pulled his own gun and shot T.J.'s brother Cody first.
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Not only did a pair of brothers threaten a neighbor with a gun, but that neighbor shot one of the brothers with a concealed handgun he was carrying.

T.J. Reynolds, 21, was sentenced in Lake County to six and a half years in state prison for a May 1, 2018, assault with a firearm. That misadventure ended only when the neighbor being threatened shot T.J.’s brother Cody Reynolds.

“These two hooligans acted foolishly and threatened someone who was just trying to keep the neighborhood peace. Now they are going to spend a lengthy period in prison where they can’t harm others,” District Attorney Bruce Brown said in a statement announcing the sentencing.

What happened

According to prosecutors, the Reynolds brothers had been driving recklessly around their rural Leadville neighborhood, spinning out and kicking up rocks and dirt at a nearby residence’s driveway, just off of Highway 91. A male neighbor followed the brothers to their residence, scolding them for driving so unsafely in the neighborhood.

Minutes later, T.J. Reynolds and Cody Reynolds went to the neighbor’s house — Cody Reynolds was allegedly armed — to confront the man. T.J. Reynolds directed obscenities toward the neighbor, who told T.J. Reynolds not to threaten him, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Cody Reynolds, 27, drew a handgun and said, “This is a threat.”

However, in self-defense, the neighbor drew his concealed weapon first and shot Cody Reynolds before he could do him any harm. Cody Reynolds suffered a single bullet wound to the torso, prosecutors said.

The neighbor managed to disarm Cody Reynolds, and then went inside his home to call law enforcement and an ambulance.

When the neighbor came back outside, the brothers were gone. They had hitched a ride back to their home. EMS and law enforcement didn’t have much trouble finding them, spotting the wounded Cody Reynolds laying on the front porch.

Both Reynolds brothers pleaded guilty.

Last week, Cody Reynolds was sentenced to 13 years in prison on charges of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon.

T.J. Reynolds was sentenced Thursday. Prosecutors said that T.J. Reynolds did not shoot at the neighbor, he pleaded guilty to second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, because he acted as his brother’s accomplice in confronting and threatening the neighbor, knowing Cody Reynolds was armed.

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