Gunnison stifles super Wal-Mart |

Gunnison stifles super Wal-Mart

Allen Best

GUNNISON – Another Colorado mountain town is putting out a no-vacancy sign to Wal-Mart. Earlier this summer Pagosa Springs and surrounding Archuleta County, located east of Durango, imposed a moratorium on big-box retail stores. Now, Gunnison has done the same for stores of more than 50,000 square feet.Wal-Mart already has a store in Gunnison, which is located about 27 miles from Crested Butte, but it’s a smallish affair. Wal-Mart wants a store more than triple the size, at 150,000 square feet.It’s been a heated time, with council members who didn’t adopt the moratorium being threatened with recall. And among the few vocal supporters of the Wal-Mart expansion, reports the Crested Butte News, is local businessman, Jim Pike. He said he supports shopping locally, but when he goes to Wal-Mart’s big store in Montrose, located 60 miles away, he always sees people from Gunnison shopping there. Ergo, they might as well shop at a big Wal-Mart in Gunnison, keeping the sales tax dollars at home for construction of a swimming pool and other community improvements.And Park City looking at big box banPARK CITY, Utah – A master plan is being put together for a section of land that the Park Record identifies as the current “back door” to Park City. But that area, called Quinn’s Junction, is likely to become the city’s front door, hence the concern about getting it right. And how do you get it right? For starters, by banning big-box retailers as well as “large expanses of surface parking,” reports the newspaper. Locals lose grave discountSILVERTON – One of the fringe benefits, sort of, from living in Silverton was that when you died, you were eligible for a free cemetery plot. No more. The town board has imposed a price of $250 for plots in the town’s Hillside Cemetery, even for locals, reports the Silverton Standard.A town official explained the cost remains much less than at other locations. Maybe that’s because the money is earmarked for maintenance. With snow lying on the ground at Silverton about seven months a year, not much maintenance is necessary.Vail, Colorado

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