Guy dressed as Nazi opposes ICE |

Guy dressed as Nazi opposes ICE

Dan Kelley
Rocky Mountain News
Vail CO, Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” A man dressed as a Nazi and marching in an immigrant rights parade compares tactics of immigration officials to those of the Hitler’s regime.

Cesar Munoz is carrying a sign that reads “Stop the Raids,” with the lightning bolt symbol of the SS standing in for the ‘S’s’ on either end of the sign. He is also wearing a hat that reads “ICE” for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Munoz, of Dillon Valley, said he bought the outfit online. Asked what he would do if he lost his hat and sign, leaving him dressed as a Nazi with no indication of his actual political beliefs, he said he would simply take off his jacket, which bears some insignia from the Third Reich.

“I’ve thought about that,” Munoz said. “I’m expecting harassment. It’s very provoking. Sometimes you have to provoke to get attention.”

He said what is more provocative is the action of immigration officials toward undocumented immigrants, citing instances of families being broken apart and people being held in detention centers without access to due process.

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