Gypsum buying Cotton Ranch Club? |

Gypsum buying Cotton Ranch Club?

Daily Staff Report
Gypsum, Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado ” This week officials from both the town of Gypsum, Colorado and Cotton Ranch Club confirmed they have engaged in informal discussions about a town purchase of the property.

“At this point it’s only at the discussion stage,” said Tim Garton, one of the owners of the Cotton Ranch Club LLC.

Gypsum Town Manager Jeff Shroll confirmed that analysis. He said Cotton Ranch Club has sent over a real estate contract for the town’s review.

Shroll noted there are many rumors circulating about the future of Cotton Ranch. “We are trying to track down rumors on what is happening with Cotton Ranch,” said Shroll. “If there is an issue, the town may be interested in looking at it, but we are not there yet.”

According to a source with the Cotton Ranch Metro Board, the Cotton Ranch Club LLC owns the course until Dec. 31, 2010 when it is supposed to be turned over to the membership. Garton noted that any purchase deal would have to be worked out not only between the Club owners, but also the members and town representatives.

“There’s a lot of work between now and something actually happening,” he said.

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