Gypsum Chamber unveils ‘Gypsum Bucks’ campaign |

Gypsum Chamber unveils ‘Gypsum Bucks’ campaign

Daily Staff Report
Vail, CO, Colorado

The Gypsum Chamber has introduced the “Gypsum Bucks” program, to remind residents to “think gypsum first” when shopping.

Gypsum Bucks are gift certificates that can be spent at any participating Gypsum Chamber business. By promoting the Gypsum Bucks program, the Gypsum Chamber intends to educate residents about the importance of keeping tax dollars local, and will remind locals of the businesses and services available in Gypsum.

Gypsum Bucks is essentially a gift certificate that works the same as cash or checks. Consumers can take Gypsum Bucks to any participating business and use them to buy goods or services. The Gypsum Bucks are not eligible to be used for such things as lottery tickets, money orders, cash, etc. The entire Gypsum Buck must be used in one transaction. Change is not given for purchases less than the amount of the Gypsum Buck. Gypsum Bucks will be available in $10 and $20 increments.

There are several ways you can get Gypsum Bucks.

You can purchase Gypsum Bucks from the Gypsum Chamber to give to customers and/or employees for promotions, incentives and Christmas gifts.

As a participating Gypsum Chamber business, you can accept Gypsum Bucks as payment and then use them at other participating businesses.

Gypsum Bucks are awarded through various Chamber business promotions, the first being an advertising opportunity with the Vail Daily. Sign up for the Chamber Page program with the Vail Daily for only $100 a month and receive $50 back a month in Gypsum Bucks.

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