Gypsum clerk unfazed by threat |

Gypsum clerk unfazed by threat

Dustin Racioppi

GYPSUM, Colorado “-It was either a fearless and stoic clerk or an unintimidating criminal at the near hold-up at Columbine Market on Jan. 15.

A Hispanic man in his 20s barged into the market, picked up some lice treatment and paid cash for it. But he refused to pay for anything else, according to the sheriff’s report.

“Instead of paying with cash, I’m going to get my gun out,” the man said to the female clerk.

The clerk wasn’t too impressed.

The man threatened again, then added, “Aren’t you going to run for your life? Aren’t you going to plead for your life?”

The sheriff’s report said the woman then asked, “Why would I do that?”

Then the man took off.

Deputies tried going to the surveillance tape from the store, but luck was on the suspect’s side. The cameras weren’t recording that day. Deputies closed the case.

BEAVER CREEK ” Several years of admitted deception has a local woman in the middle of an investigation and a part-time Beaver Creek resident more than $300,000 lighter in his bank account.

Deputies arrested the woman, who was a caretaker for the man’s home, after the man and his attorney noticed a discrepancy on an invoice she sent him. The woman sent the man a roofing bill for $117,725, but the actual cost of the work was $11,116.

The man conducted an audit and discovered that the woman had overbilled him by $318,092.70 since 2007.

She told deputies she did it because she had a lot of things going on and was dissatisfied with her husband and her life. She also said she intends to pay it back.

But after she was taken to jail, she was transferred to Denver on suicide watch. The investigation is still active.

EAGLE COUNTY ” A 29-year-old man wasn’t liking how his wife was disciplining their baby with spankings, so he disciplined her with a couple slaps to her face twice, she told deputies.

Their second child saw the whole thing, and when the dad ripped the phone from the wall, she was the one who had to call 911 from a cell phone.

Deputies charged the man with domestic violence, harassment and obstruction of telephone services.

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