Gypsum council candidate: Tom Edwards |

Gypsum council candidate: Tom Edwards

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado
Tom Edwards

Age: 65

Occupation: Retired architect and general contractor.

Nine years on the Gypsum Town Council.

Traffic and transportation, water, well planned development, outdoor lifestyle, preservation of our heritage and scenic environment are all closely tied together.

– Highway improvements from the state and federal government.

– Developers pay for expanded infrastructure.

– Local tax revenue to pay for maintenance and improvements.

The towns should work together to solve problems from Exit 140 to

147. Internal traffic problems should be the responsibility and planning of each town.

Some additional development but with a strong emphasis on preserving what is unique about Gypsum. Preservation of creek and river corridors.

Growth has created housing, recreational and social activities, businesses and community. I think that it is mostly good.

Yes, in areas currently zoned for commercial. Annexations need to consider public input, good development and open space.

Make housing attainable for those who work nearby, creating an entry into the housing market but ultimately working to move purchasers into the free market.

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