Gypsum couple donates Chevy crawler for local cancer charity |

Gypsum couple donates Chevy crawler for local cancer charity

Chris and Michelle Nestor have donated their '79 Chevy customized rock crawler as the grand prize for a raffle to benefit Crawlin' to a Cure. Tickets are $20 each or six for $100 and can be purchased at The Liquor Store in Gypsum.
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GYPSUM — Chris Nester had great times driving his chopped up ’79 Chevy rock crawler over the years, but now he figures it’s time to pay that forward.

So instead of listing the vehicle for sale, Nestor and his wife Michelle decided to benefit a local — and appropriate — cause.

The crawler is valued between $10,000 and $12,000 and it is the grand prize in a raffle hosted by the Nestor’s business, The Liquor Store, in Gypsum. Proceeds from the raffle will go to Crawlin’ for a Cure, a nonprofit organized by locals Stewart and Vikki Hobbs.

According to Michelle Nestor, she and Chris hadn’t really used the crawler for a couple of years. “Chris said we should sell it on Craigslist, which I thought was crazy and then he said we should donate it to charity, which thought was really crazy,” she said. But when her husband suggested a raffle to benefit Crawlin’ to a Cure, Michelle was on board.

“It’s a really great charity and we trust them,” said Michelle. “The money they raise goes back to families who need it.”

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Crawlin’ to a Cure hosts an annual rock crawler competition at the Eagle County Fairgrounds and the money raised goes to local families impacted by cancer and to the Tiffany Myers Memorial Keepin’ em Real Scholarship Fund.

The winner of the raffle will be announced at the Saturday at the Crawlin’ to a Cure event at the Eagle County Fairgrounds.

Having fun

After the Nestors decided to donate their crawler for an auction, Crazy Al’s Auto Repair donated a new paint job for the vehicle. Now the shiny crawler is sitting outside The Liquor Store, sporting a banner urging people to buy a ticket and attend the event.

“It’s (the raffle) really been fun. People have been in the store talking about it,” said Michelle.

Raffle tickets cost $20 each or six for $100. Tickets can be purchased at The Liquor Store.

According to Chris, lots of locals are anxious to be the new owner of the Chevy. He personally chopped up the vehicle to fashion it into a rock crawler. “There’s too many extras on it to list,” said Chris.

Although it was his project car and his recreation vehicle for years, Chris said he is ready to let go of the Chevy and excited for its next owner.

“It will be exciting for someone who really wants it to win it,” he said. “I have had my fun with it, and it’s time for the next guy to enjoy it.”

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