Gypsum Creek Golf Course opens front nine |

Gypsum Creek Golf Course opens front nine

And not a moment too soon

It's golf season. Gypsum Creek has opened its front nine.
Special to the Daily

We have good news.

Seriously, as Vail Resorts shuts down for a week, seemingly every form of sports is shuttered and a trip to the grocery store seems like a real-life episode of “Survivor,” we need it.

We’ve got golf, people. Gypsum Creek’s front nine is open. Happy spring, Eagle County.

We’ll stipulate right now that your sports editor is weird on many counts. Yes, he’s an opera and classical-music loving guy who doesn’t ski or snowboard, doesn’t know how to ride a bike and occasionally goes on riffs talking about himself in the third person.

He is a completely unathletic human who fell in love with sports when he was 5. He does love golf, though. (Freud, stop with the third person.)

I bought a starter set of clubs from Walmart and got a huge Rodney Dangerfield bag for $5 my first summer here in 1998. (I also tried fishing, but that just ended up with me throwing sporting goods in the Eagle River, which ironically, would occur with golf as well.)

l don’t know how it happened, but I played my first round of golf at the Willow Creek Par-3 with Dan Thomas, who was a sportswriter with the Vail Trail at the time. This was probably quite forbidden as the two newspapers had a fierce rivalry. (The good news is that Dan now works on the copy desk here.)

I remember playing the eighth hole of the pitch-and-putt. It’s a 50-yard drop shot that’s about a quarter swing of a sand wedge. Just seeing the ball soar majestically and hearing that nice thunk and I was hooked.

Little did I know Gypsum Creek’s 17th — the course is hoping to open its back nine next week, Christy Martin said on Saturday —or EagleVail’s 10th and others awaited.

Golf is an inherently stupid game. To review, you are trying to hit a small white ball with oddly shaped mallets over lots of obstacles into a hole.

“You do this one time? Bleep, no. Eighteen bleeping times,” as Robin Williams’ classic not-suitable-for-work rant goes.

It’s nice to engross yourself in something completely meaningless. So-called normal life is tough enough. These days? Bring it on.

As a bit of a refresher, Gypsum Creek’s front nine is what a lot of us eastern Eagle County golfers call the old back nine. We’re talking the links, non-mesa nine, which is actually good because we’ve lost too many golf balls up there.

It’s cart path only if you’re riding even though the open nine is pretty walkable. Greens fees are $35. For more information call 970-524-6200 or go to

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