Gypsum Daze musical brings whimsy to event |

Gypsum Daze musical brings whimsy to event

Connie Steiert
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You can sit there thinking like a grown-up … or come along and join us. From How to Eat Like a Child.Whether youre 6 or 60, you undoubtedly have indelible memories of childhood. The Porchlight Players aim to bring out your inner child and all those delightful, tucked-away recollections with their Gypsum Daze production of How to Eat Like a Child. This high-energy, comedic musical will remind you of the days gone by when everything was a game (or a drama) and when crossing your fingers behind your back exonerated you from a fib. How to Eat Like a Child, based on the book by the same name written by Delia Ephron, John Forster and Judith Kahan, isnt well known. Yet its a playful romp through childhood and those signature moments and feelings everyone can relate to, underscored by lively music by John Forster. How to Eat Like a Child will have you humming one of its several catchy tunes and feeling 10 years younger when you leave.The musical is part of the Gypsum Daze entertainment and will be presented at 5:30 p.m. on July 21 at the Lundgren outdoor amphitheater in Gypsum. Better still, its free. So bring the children, and dont forget the grandparents, too.One of our main missions for this theater group is to make live theater affordable, explained director Ann Olin. And to give locals from the next door neighbor to the communitys children a chance to participate and discover the joys of live theater, on stage and off. In exchange for the use of Gypsums stage and technical equipment, the Porchlight Players, which operate solely by sponsorships and donations, have agreed to put on a free show each year as well.The Porchlight Players unofficial motto acknowledges Olin is good theater for cheap.

Olin said, Hopefully, people who wouldnt go normally (to theater productions), or who cant afford shows at the Vilar, will bring out their lawn chairs and go, Hey, this is fun.How to Eat Like a Child includes 15 local, amateur actors, from sixth-grader Thomas Walsh to parents and even a grandmother. The cast features Olin and her son and daughter, Rudy and Lindsay, Paul Voborny, Marshall Roscoe, Terri Vroman, Pam Padgett, Kim Willey, Natasha Miks, Perpetua Bryan, Shirley White, Shaun Twigg, Rhonda Meeks, Walsh, and Noe Andrews, the plays accompanist. The musical is presented through a series of often hysterical, sometimes poignant vignettes that are sure to have you nodding your head wistfully, thinking, Yeah, I remember that.

In the engaging number Means No, youll recall that adults used to be an alien race with its own language. But you soon learned that, no matter how long a sentence, the translation was usually No. Those were the days when you and your fellow kids had a secret world, only accessible to children. Whatever you do, dont tell, the cast beseeches humorously in the rousing opening number, Like a Child. Remember insisting on staying up late, even though you couldnt keep your eyes open? We Refuse to Fall Asleep, is an adorable reminder of every childs lament. All of us are trying to teach the audience, no matter what your age, you can remember what it was like to be a child, Olin said. Do you remember the best way to eat an animal cracker?And its all set to memorable, foot-tapping music, from the Calypso beats of the hilarious How to Torture Your Sister to the winning vaudeville routine of Say Yes. We chose the play without hearing the music, Olin said. We really liked the content and thought it was really appropriate for a family show.The cast obviously has a blast with this fun-filled production, and so will you. How to Eat Like a Child is sure to leave you yearning for childhood once again or treasuring it even more now.How to Eat Like a Child is sponsored by the town of Gypsum and Wells Fargo Bank.

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