Gypsum: Economy halts green community |

Gypsum: Economy halts green community

Katie Drucker
Eagle Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado ” The year-long annexation talks between Winding Creek Ranch developers and the town of Gypsum have been tabled indefinitely.

The next step was the second annexation reading, originally slated for July 22. However, Winding Creek Ranch developers, Kurt and John Forstmann of KJF L.L.C, pulled the application before this step occurred.

“Winding Creek Ranch requested to pull their application due to time constraints imposed by our charter,” said Danette Schlegel. “They would not be able to fulfill the annexation ordinance timeline.

“They also felt that the market conditions were not right for the product they wished to produce.”

The developers said they may propose a different version of the project.

Plans called for development of a “responsible living” community, using local resources, growing food and generating energy within the development. The plan had 340 homes, 10 man-made lakes, 30,000 square-feet of retail stores and a village center.

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