Gypsum incumbent seeks term on ambulance board |

Gypsum incumbent seeks term on ambulance board

Name: Robert “Jeff” Kingston.

Occupation: Assistant public work director.

Why do you want this job? What are your qualifications? I was appointed to the district board of directors one-and-a-half years ago. The reason I want to continue in this position is to provide the staff with quality training and equipment which will in turn provide our community with the best ambulance services. I was honored to be a Vail Ski patroller and Eagle River firefighter. I have served on the Gypsum Estates Homeowners Association and also the Buckhorn Valley Metro District and Homeowners Association.

What’s the biggest issue or problem facing the district today? Overcoming the challenge of losing $1.8 million in revenue due to the Affordable Care Act.

Voters are being asked for a property tax increase in the May 3 election. Ballot measure supporters say the revenue is essential to cover a new shortfall caused by a decrease in reimbursement for transporting Medicaid patients. What’s your opinion about the May 3 ballot measure?

Being paid 7 cents on the dollar for Medicare transport is quite a curve ball that was thrown at us. With the growing elderly community it is imperative that this measure passes so that we can keep the highest standard of care for our children, our parents and ourselves.

If voters reject the ballot measure, then what are your ideas for moving forward? We will have to revisit our community volunteer involvement, which include training classes, the health fair, our child car seat program and community paramedic program (helping those in need) to name a few.

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