Gypsum jeep abandoned on Loveland Pass |

Gypsum jeep abandoned on Loveland Pass

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –Police directed a 28-year-old man to turn himself in for motor vehicle theft March 5 after he admitted over the phone to taking a yellow 1978 Jeep for a joy ride.

The man was fired from his uncle’s Gypsum business in 2009 for stealing. A friend of the uncle’s son called the family when he saw the suspect hanging around the area. He said the suspect was acting nervous and circling the Jeep, which was used to plow snow at the business. The uncle said his nephew knew where the spare key was stashed on the vehicle. The uncle’s son went to the business the next morning and the Jeep was gone.

Another friend noticed a Jeep matching the description parked on the side of westbound Interstate 70 near Loveland ski area. Police contacted Colorado State Patrol and found that a trooper had tagged the Jeep as abandoned on March 5. The plates were registered to the suspect’s uncle. Footprints suggested the driver had gotten into another vehicle. The Jeep was towed back to the owner.

A deputy was able to talk to the suspect after contacting his girlfriend. The suspect said he’d been depressed and went to his uncle’s business and sat in the Jeep to clear his head. He said he drove to Georgetown, turned around and then ran out of gas. He said he stayed in the Jeep overnight and almost froze. Someone picked him up in the morning and took him to Silverthorne.

The deputy told the man he was completing an arrest warrant for him and that he should turn himself in the following day.

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