Gypsum lands a big one |

Gypsum lands a big one

Gypsum did a pretty good job landing Costco at the Gateway.The bulk discounter will finally bring traffic to those acres east of the airport that host an eclectic variety of businesses. Funeral home, car dealership, regional bank headquarters, newspaper printing plant, and oh, a few stores.No herds of elk populate these fields. The scenic value amounts to about zero. This is the best place in the valley from an environmental impact standpoint to have a big box.Gypsum and neighboring Eagle have worked out a revenue-sharing model for municipalities all over. Local governments too often waste precious public dollars, particularly in too-sweet tax breaks, competing to land larger employers.And sure, Gypsum will rebate some sales tax to Costco to move in, a quibble to note since the Eagle Valley is hardly in desperate need of more growth. But the money and time to recover town revenue from a languishing Gateway is slight compared to, say, the $12 million deal Merv Lapin was trying to arrange with Eagle to fill up those pretty pastures just east of that town. As incentives go, this one makes more long-term sense than most, although Minturn has the right idea: Let the developer provide the incentives, not the town.Costco is known for paying well, better than teachers for some positions. Downvalley communities can use the jobs, too. You have to give Gypsum credit on this one. Vail, Colorado

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