Gypsum looks to save money by hiring another attorney for municipal court |

Gypsum looks to save money by hiring another attorney for municipal court

GYPSUM — It sounds counterintuitive, but the town of Gypsum wants to save money by hiring another attorney.

The town has approved an ordinance to provide funding for a municipal court prosecutor, who will be hired by the town manager. Unlike a regular town attorney, the new prosecutor’s duties will be solely tied to representing Gypsum in its municipal court.

Current Gypsum Town Attorney Bob Cole will continue to advise the town council on development issues and other municipal legal matters.

“Our current town attorneys, Collins, Cockrel and Cole out of Denver, have done our prosecuting for municipal court,” Gypsum Town Manager Jeff Shroll said. “We are just looking to change that to a more local firm or individual.”

Shroll noted the town’s attorneys actually made the recommendation to hire a municipal court prosecutor.

“They think we can save the taxpayers quite a bit of money by doing that more locally, and also it frees us up to get court off of town council days, which binds up our staff a little bit,” Shroll said.

He said the town has received one application for the prosecutor opening and has heard from other attorneys who are potentially interested in the post. During a Tuesday, Jan. 23, Gypsum Town Council meeting, Shroll said he anticipates keeping the job open for a couple more weeks before hiring the prosecutor.

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