Gypsum man charged with felony kidnapping in domestic violence case |

Gypsum man charged with felony kidnapping in domestic violence case

Marcio Rosales-Zelaya, a 32-year-old Gypsum man, has been charged with felony kidnapping as well as misdemeanor assault and domestic violence charges after he allegedly took his girlfriend from her place of work and interfered with police efforts to locate the couple.

Rosales-Zelaya made his first appearance Tuesday afternoon in Eagle County court after he was arrested for allegedly physically abusing and kidnapping his girlfriend, his second round of domestic violence charges in the last year.

On June 20, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report from the victim’s father that he believed Rosales-Zelaya was “going to kill her” after they had gotten into a dispute the night before, according to an affidavit detailing the incident.

Police then attempted to contact the victim, who told them through a text message that she was in Eagle and was “good.”

In reality, Rosales-Zelaya had abducted her from her place of work, taken her to Vail and then instructed her to lie to police about their whereabouts, according to the report.

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Marcio Rosales-Zelaya.

With the help of the Vail Police Department, the Sheriff’s Office ultimately located the pair, and Vail Police conducted a traffic stop to detain them.

It was then discovered that Rosales-Zelaya was wanted by the Vail Police Department on a felony domestic violence warrant for an incident in August of last year in which Rosales-Zelaya allegedly beat his wife in front of their daughter and then broke her phone when she tried to call for help before running off with her car.

At this time, he was also dating the girlfriend who, when asked by police, described various physical assaults by Rosales-Zelaya over the course of their two-year relationship.

“What do you want? Do you want me to tell you that I hit her?” Rosales-Zelaya said during police questioning after the June 20 incident. He later admitting to hitting his girlfriend, saying he was upset because she had damaged some of his personal belongings the night before, according to reports of the incident.

Rosales-Zelaya will go before the court again on the morning of July 20. He has been charged with second-degree kidnapping, a Class 4 felony, third-degree misdemeanor assault and domestic violence in addition to the felony charges from last year, which include domestic violence, assault, child abuse, criminal mischief, obstruction of telephone services and felony vehicular theft.

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