Gypsum man found innocent of attack |

Gypsum man found innocent of attack

Veronica Whitney

EAGLE – A jury on Wednesday acquitted a Gypsum man accused of slicing the throat of another man in June. Though neither man has admitted drugs were involved and neither of them have been charged with a drug crime, police and prosecutors claim the attack happened after a drug deal went bad in Gypsum. Jimmie Dale Wood Jr., 27, was facing at least 10 years in prison, but after a three-day trial and two hours deliberating, the jury found Wood not guilty of three felonies – first degree assault, second degree assault and first degree criminal trespassing.”If police had continued the investigation they might have come to the conclusion that Jimmie was acting in self defense, as the jury did,” said Ted Hess, Wood’s attorney. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said he was disappointed with the verdict, but respects the jury’s decision.”The jury didn’t believe the self defense claim, but didn’t think we had enough to prove the charges,” Hurlbert said.Wood was arrested July 22 after police investigated a June 7 incident in Gypsum. According to the police, Wood was trying to buy $50 worth of cocaine from the other man, Josue Delgado, when the two men got in a fight and Wood sliced Delgado’s throat. “Delgado pulled a knife and the struggle became frenzy,” Hess said. “(Wood) had a glazing knife because he worked at glass company and he began slashing at the guy to defend himself.”According to the police report, Wood ran off. Delgado, 29, who later denied a drug deal had been taking place, drove home, where his wife called 911. Police never found any weapons and couldn’t find any cocaine in Delgado’s car when it was searched the following day. But Delgado did admit to police that marijuana found in his car belonged to him.Wood never paid bail and remained in the Eagle County jail throughout his trial, which ended Wednesday. Hess admitted his client has had a drug problem. “Jimmie Wood was a cocaine addict,” Hess said. “He bought $50 worth of cocaine almost every night.”Wood’s family cried after the not guilty verdict was read by Judge Tom Moorhead.Staff Writer Veronica Whitney can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 454 or Vail, Colorado

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