Gypsum man reports gun stolen |

Gypsum man reports gun stolen

Eagle Valley Enterprise staff report
Gypsum, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado ” A Gypsum man called deputies after his fifth gun was possibly stolen.

When a deputy reported to the residence on Hardscrabble Road last week, he followed the man to his garage. The police report noted the garage was big enough for three to four cars but there was only room for one because of all the things scattered about.

The deputy observed the man’s gun safe was open and there were numerous rifles and shotguns inside. Laying on a nearby table were revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

The man said two weeks ago he told his caretaker to put his .40 caliber on top of the safe so he would remember to put it away. But the next time the man entered his garage, the gun was gone. It was fully loaded.

The man repeatedly apologized to the deputy, saying because he is old he can’t remember things, or where he put things. He also told the deputy the he has a hard time remembering to lock doors when he leaves the house.

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The man reported that a .41 caliber revolver was missing. But it was laying in the garage corner. He also said a .357 revolver was missing. But it was hidden under blankets in the house. The man also told the deputy that in the past 10 years two or his handguns went missing, but that it slipped his mind to report those at an earlier date.

The case is closed due to lack of leads.

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