Gypsum needs better roads, report says |

Gypsum needs better roads, report says

Kelly Hagenah

GYPSUM – The town is going to need a lot of road construction and a lot of money to make the necessary road improvements to accommodate growing traffic.Gypsum is in the process of studying traffic. On Wednesday, the town opened its doors for the public to see just what the study has determined so far.”Transportation is critical when reviewing the planning and development of the town,” said Anne Martens, Gypsum’s public works director. “The transportation plan will allow us to evaluate where we are now and project into the future the transportation needs and improvements.”The study has found the majority improvement projects are needed on U.S. Highway 6. Martens said the town will also work with an economic consultant to develop a recommendation for a traffic impact fee which would force developers to pay for road improvements to accommodate their projects. Eagle and Eagle County impose such fees.Projects detailed in the plan include: Over the next five years: • Westbound left turn lane, Highway 6/Oak Ridge Drive, $98,000• Westbound left turn lane, Cooley Mesa/Valley Road, $64,000• Traffic signal, Cooley Mesa Road/Valley Road, $175,000• Construct Jules Drive to Cooley Mesa Road, $1.1 million• Traffic signal, Highway 6/Tower Center, $225,000• Traffic signal, Cooley Mesa Road/McGregor Drive, $175,000• Intersection improvements, Cooley Mesa Rd/Lindbergh Drive, $47,000Over the next 10 years• Widen Highway 6 to four lanes from I-70 to Valley Road, $18.9 million• Intersection improvements at Highway 6/Cooley Mesa Road, $88,000• Traffic signal, Highway 6/Jules Drive, $225,000• Traffic control and improvements at key intersections on Cooley Mesa, $571,000Long range• Interchange improvements, I-70 Gypsum exit, $2 million• Eagle Airport interchange and connector road, $60 million• Widen Highway 6 to four lanes (Valley Road to town limits), $8.4 million• Widen Cooley Mesa Road to four lanes, Valley Road to Highway 6, $9.8 million• Widen Valley Road to four lanes, Cottonwood Pass Road to Cooley Mesa Road, $3.2 millionVail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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