Gypsum nixes live music in local bars |

Gypsum nixes live music in local bars

GYPSUM ” Gypsum is a music free zone ” at least in terms of live music or loud disc jockeys performing in bars and restaurants located next to residential areas.

After numerous complaints by neighbors the Gypsum Town Council has issued a ban on loud music. Matt Jaramillo, who lives behind Fandango’s, appeared before the council at the business’s liquor license hearing and urged the town to clamp down on noise.

Jaramillo said he has called the police several times to complain about loud music from. He claimed that the bar turns down the volume when the cops visit, but when the patrol car leaves the parking lot, the volume cranks back up.

He delivered two petitions ” one from last year with 41 signatures of residents in the Estes Lane area and another from this month that contained 24 signatures ” to prove that residents in his neighborhood are fed up with the noise, he said.

“This says to me that the neighbors are not very happy with the business and the amount of noise it is creating,” Councilman Dick Mayne said.

Gypsum Town Manager Jeff Shroll added: “All I know is I’m getting visits from unhappy neighbors at my house on Sunday afternoons.”

Fandango’s restaurant and the Pastime Bar and Grill are both located right next to residential neighborhoods, Shroll said.

“There’s all kinds of zoning all over this town that would allow for it (bars with live music),” he said. “But those aren’t the places for it. It just isn’t conducive. I don’t think anyone should have to deal with that noise at 2 a.m.”

In an official action, the Gypsum Town Council voted unanimously to prohibit live music at bars that abut residential areas. Along with that action, they directed town staff to contact the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and urge deputies to issue citations to establishments that produce unreasonable noise.

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