Gypsum resident seeking spot on ambulance board |

Gypsum resident seeking spot on ambulance board

Name: Pam Schulz.

Occupation: Legal advertising clerk at Colorado Mountain News Media.

Why do you want this job? Common sense is a necessity when looking out for the taxpayers, the ambulance personnel and keeping prompt and quality services coming to everyone in the district. I have no hidden agenda for being on the Eagle County Health Service District board but rather want to make sure the taxpayer is getting what their dollars are paying for, and to be sure the services are available to those that need it when they need it. It may take combining services with other entities to cut costs for all services that are provided in the county. Everyone needs to work together to provide all of the services for all citizens, tourists and second homeowners.

What are your qualifications? I was a Board member of Western Eagle County Ambulance District from May 2006 — December 2013, when that district consolidated with the Eagle County Health Service District. I am familiar with the budgets and the needs of the district as a whole. As a citizen I have had to use services that the ambulance district provided in the past and understand the necessity to keep this service available.

What’s the biggest issue or problem facing the district today? Finding a way to increase and/or offset the small amount that Medicaid pays for district services. Keeping qualified staff and all equipment in top condition.

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Voters are being asked for a property tax increase in the May 3 election. Ballot measure supporters say the revenue is essential to cover a new shortfall caused by a decrease in reimbursement for transporting Medicaid patients. What’s your opinion about the ballot measure?

Since this is the only way to keep services available to the entities and people that require the district’s services it is important that this ballot measure passes. There are grants that can be applied for, not for operations, but more for added services such as the child car seat program, senior visits, health fairs, and special events. Just like all other special districts, Eagle County Health Service District doesn’t have any revenue from outside sources. They depend on tax dollars to keep the operations going and providing the services needed in the area they serve.

If voters reject the ballot measure, what are your ideas for moving forward? I would suggest reevaluating the entire organization and downsizing expenses and facility needs. Cutting staff and services is not an option to me.

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