Gypsum sets vision for Eagle River |

Gypsum sets vision for Eagle River

Katie Drucker
Gypsum, CO Colorado
This rendering, included in the Eagle River Vision Statement, depicts Eagle Riverfront commercial development.

GYPSUM, Colorado ” Gypsum, Colorado has a vision for development in the Eagle River Corridor and wants to know if residents share its thoughts.

EDAW Inc. ” a planning firm from Fort Collins ” with help from Gypsum staff, planning commission members, and residents ” has crafted an Eagle River Corridor Vision Statement.

To get residents input on the document, an open house will be held on Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. in the council chambers at Gypsum Town Hall. Pizza will be served and a presentation will be conducted.

The current draft of the plan calls for new residential neighborhoods offering a variety of housing options, commercial centers, riverfront shops and restaurants, gathering spaces, a hotel, bike trails, a park, a kayak course, more catch-and-release fishing areas and increased access points to the river. Preserving the rural character of the Eagle River corridor through agriculture and ranches is also outlined in the draft.

The vision statement is an update to a section of the 1999 Gypsum Foundation Plan.

“This area is extremely important and strategically located because of the proximity to the Eagle River, visibility from both Highway 6 and I-70, impacts to wildlife and its recreation potential,” said Lana Gallegos, Gypsum senior planner.

Gallegos emphasizes that the town does not plan to annex land, or do anything to expedite development of this area.

“The document is a goal of what the Eagle River corridor should look like one day, for if and when owners are ready to come in,” said Gallegos.

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