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Gypsum teenager hit by BB gun

Veronica Whitney

Police arrested a 14-year-old Gypsum boy after he allegedly shot a boy in the ear with a BB gun at the Gypsum skate park.The alleged victim, 14, and a friend were at the skate park on July 18 when some other boys started shooting a BB gun at the trailer park next to the skate park, police said.The alleged victim told police the group of boys pointed the gun at him as he was leaving the park. He then felt something hit his ear and realized he was bleeding, police said. When he looked back, he saw a boy holding the BB gun.Police arrested the 14-year-old boy for menacing and assault after several witnesses also said he was holding the BB gun and pointed it at the other boy, police said.

Police had to meet with several Gypsum parents after a group of teenagers who were hitting golf balls allegedly broke a window in a house on York View Lane.On July 28, a Gypsum woman called police to report that her second floor bedroom window had been broken, possibly by teenagers hitting golf balls. The woman found a golf ball in her front yard below the window, police said.The woman’s boyfriend had seen some boys down on Whistlers Cove swinging a baseball bat and a golf club and he had talked to them. The boys denied any involvement of hitting balls toward the home, police said.The boys said they were just swinging at air with the bat and golf clubs. When police canvassed the area they found eight golf balls. Police talked to two of the younger boys playing in the group, who said the older boys were hitting balls, but they didn’t want to tell on them.No arrests were made.

Better keep an eye on your credit report. Police are still investigating an identity fraud case involving a Wolcott man. The 70-year-old man told police in July someone was using his social security card number and Colorado driver’s license. The man told police in December he noticed suspicious activity on his credit report -there were three loans he had not taken, totaling $53,000, police said.The man called police again on July 28 when he received a call from the bank saying he was delinquent on loan payments.The man said he doesn’t know the people on the loan applications nor did he sign his name to any applications, police said. His name, social security number and his date of birth were on the loan applications, but the signature on the application wasn’t his, he told police.

The owner of a restaurant in Gypsum had to call police when a man wouldn’t pay for his food and fell asleep on the counter.The owner of the restaurant told police the man had come in and ordered a pizza and two beers and then fallen asleep several times.When the owner of the restaurant asked the Gypsum man to leave and pay for his food, he didn’t comply. Police arrested the man when he allegedly became violent after leaving the restaurant.

It’s not fur season yet, but an employee at Gorsuch in Beaver Creek called police to report that two fur capes had been stolen from the store.The incident happened on July 28. The employee told police he had checked the inventory to make sure that the fur capes, valued at $1,850 each, hadn’t been sold or transferred to another store.The employee told police someone probably walked out the door with the capes when no one was watching. No suspects or leads were identified, police said.

A Gypsum woman woke up one morning in July to find a dozen pink paintballs spots on her house. The 30-year-old woman who lives on Mara Court told police none of her neighbors’ houses appeared to have been hit.The woman said she didn’t know who could have done it, but wanted a record.

A Vail man who parked his truck at the park-and-ride stop in Wolcott came back the next day to found someone had broken into it. The man, who had left his truck locked, found his driver’s side window broken. His stereo had also been tampered with.So far this year, police have received several reports of car break-ins at trailhead parking lots.

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