Gypsum urges patience with potholes |

Gypsum urges patience with potholes

Kathy Heicher
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Gypsum leaders have one word for citizens frustrated by potholes in the town’s road system: patience.

Town Manager Jeff Shroll says the town is only too aware of the potholes that have created somewhat hazardous driving conditions in locations such as Eagle Street, near the old town hall, and on Cooley Mesa Road.

“Our roads are falling to pieces. I’ve never seen the frost and thaw part of the season bump roads in Gypsum as much as they have this year,” he adds.

Town leaders intend to repair the damage as soon as possible; but point out the thaw and heaving of payment is not yet completely over; and there are no asphalt plants open in the valley to date.

Shroll vowed that town crews will try to be the first customers at whatever asphalt plant opens up for business first.

“We drive the roads. We know they’re bad. The council is aware of it,” he said, steeling that the town is not building “fun things,” such as the proposed recreation center or amphitheater, at the expense of routine necessities.

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