Hair colorist |

Hair colorist

Vanessa Thomassie cuts and colors.

Vanessa Thomassie of Hair West in Avon is still recovering from a really bad childhood haircut, which is why she makes such a popular beautician. “I love it because I feel like an artist,” she says. “I do it because I want to, not because I have to.”

Linda Wilde has owned West One Salon in Eagle-Vail for two years. “My specialty is creative, three dimensional coloring,” she says. Sometimes blonde, sometimes lavender, Wilde can go for natural looks or outrageous. Candi John’s Salon in Crossroads in an upbeat space, and the opinionated Candi John infuses it with energy. She works fast and furious, so a color and highlights don’t take all day. Hip hair stylist Trace Cormier of Montanas uses CHI products, dye that’s actually good for your hair. And she’s a really good dancer.

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