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Hair with flair

HL Ombre Hair 1 DT 10-4-12

By Rosanna Turner

Daily Correspondent

If you’ve never a bad hair day, consider yourself lucky. The best outfit with the brightest smile could all be forgotten if one’s hair isn’t just so. Some of us loathe our locks, wishing we could wake up one morning and find it curlier, straighter, bouncier, or at least not looking like a rat’s nest. But that’s why they invented hairstylists, to help us tame our tresses and get us looking like we’ve just stepped out of a photo shoot for the cover of a glossy fashion magazine. Hairstylists know that hair is not just a bunch of dead follicles that sprout from the head. Hair can be an art form, a way to express one’s individuality, or the key ingredient to a great first impression. Let’s not forget that doing one’s hair can also be a lot of fun. After all the colorful leaves fall, spending October in the mountains can be, and feel, a bit dull. To counteract this, why not try brightening your hair with a new color or style? We asked local hairstylists to give us their suggestions on how to add some flair to your hair this season.

Highlights without the high prices

Ever wondered why one hairstyle becomes more popular than others? Jill Suarez, owner of About Hair and hairstylist at Fusion Hair Studio in Eagle, said most hairstyle trends begin with teenagers in big cities and then spread from there.

“It usually starts from some extreme fashion statement and then becomes trendy,” Suarez said. “When people get tired of seeing the same thing, especially kids, they take their hair and do the opposite to it. Then six months later everyone in Hollywood is doing it, only more polished and more grown up.”

One of the most popular color trends right now is ombre, a technique that involves dying the tips or ends of one’s hair a lighter color than your roots. Suarez said the trend started with teens who would bleach or dye their hair and then couldn’t afford to re-dye it once their roots grew out. Salons have perfected the ombre technique so that the lighter color at the ends blends in gradually with the darker color near the roots.

“You can go with the fully dipped look or with the highlighted look on the bottom, that way the two colors just melt into each other,” Suarez said.

The ombre effect can be a new twist on regular old highlights and is easier to maintain.

“We’ve always highlighted the roots,” Suarez said. “But I feel like (because of) the economy, not everyone can afford to keep up with a highlight every four to six weeks. Having the roots get dark on the ends is much more affordable for clients who want to look fashionable but don’t have the funds to afford the upkeep.”

Adding texture to your tresses

As a kid, braids were a way to keep one’s hair from getting too unruly and minimizing the pain of brushing out knots and snarls before bedtime. Braids are back in a big way and a few trailblazers, or braiders, have created numerous ways to rock a braid without looking childish. Braids are great way to change your hairstyle for a day without having to take a trip to the salon.

“The way (braids) are being done now is a lot more edgy,” Suarez said. “It adds texture to the hair without having to change the hair permanently.”

If one’s hair is layered, a simple technique to do is called a “trick bob”, where you take the bottom of your hair, braid it and wrap it, then fluff up the top layers so it makes it look as though your hair is in a bob. If your hair is medium length or longer, Suarez suggests trying what she refers to as a “braid across the front.”

“Starting with a really deep side part, incorporate the hair from the crown and work a braid from one side to the other,” Suarez said. “For someone who doesn’t have bangs, this (braid) can create some kind of a bang.”

Creating braids with short hair can be tricky, so Suarez advises playing with the texture by using a sea-salt texturing spray.

“Hair that works for you”

The best way to mess with your mane with minimal effort is to add a fresh accessory. Noni Taylor, owner of Noni’s Hair Bar in Edwards, said the new colorful bow-like Emi-Jay hair tie has replaced the standard ponytail holder.

“They’re hair ties that don’t leave a bump in your hair,” Taylor said. “We sell them here and they fly off the shelf. You can also wear them around your wrist.”

Taylor also said due to Princess Kate Middleton, headbands or small hats adorned with feathers or flowers known as “fascinators” are also all the rage. Rather than hiding one’s hair under a big floppy hat, fascinators can top off an outfit, making one look stylish from head to toe.

Both Suarez and Taylor said the popular lifestyle website Pinterest is becoming the main source for those looking for hairstyle tips and tricks.

“I think Pinterest is a phenomenal thing for anybody to follow,” Suarez said. “(It’s) drawing in a whole different culture of people and is a great tool to find what you want to find.”

Perhaps the key to making every day a good hair day is to learn to love your locks and work with what you’ve got.

“I like to do hair that works for you, not hair that you have to work for,” Suarez said.

No one wants to get a haircut and not have anyone notice. If this has happened to you, it might be time to try a new color, style, or accessory with your hair that will not only turn heads, but leaving you feeling like you’re the star in the movie of your own life, rather than the sloppy sidekick.

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