Hair – your most natural accessory |

Hair – your most natural accessory

Gabrie HigbieVail, CO Colorado

“Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen … Give me down to there hair, shoulder length or longer … ” – from “Hair,” the musical What is it about hair? An entire musical was written about it. Sampson claimed his had power. Crystal Gayle couldn’t cut hers, and Britney now has none. Hair is not only a powerful fashion accessory, it’s also one of the biggest personality statements a person can make. Think about when you see a mohawk walking down the street.Long-hair ladiesFor many women, hair is like their security blanket. They become attached to it and are fearful to let it go, especially when it is long. Long hair is easy to hide behind. It is comfortable for society, and therefore comfortable for most women. Long hair is perceived sexier, more feminine, prettier and softer than short hair. Long hair is versatile. You can pull it up in a bun, throw it in a ponytail, braid it, wear pig tails (not my favorite look if you are over 10) and wear it down. The only thing holding back long hair is the time and creativity you put into it. Short-hair SallysI decided to cut my hair off when my son was born. He was really interested in my long hair, at the time, it was down to my mid-back. And no matter what I did to it, Sam would pull it. So off it came. This was not my first rodeo. I was a short-hair girl before, so I knew exactly what to expect. I knew when the hair came off, the make-up would go on. But never being satisfied with my hairstyle, I knew it would be short lived (no pun intended.) In fact, I am what I like to call a hair yo-yo. When my hair is long, I want to cut it short. When it’s short, I want to grow it outBe daringI dare all women to cut off their hair. It is both liberating and scary. It’s a study in sociology no doubt. Why is it that long hair makes us feel beautiful? Nick Mahaffey of Bliss Studio in Edwards made an interesting assessment of women with short hair. He thinks that women with short hair are “risk takers”. He also thinks it is important for women to take chances. “Hair is an accessory rather than a link to femininity,” Mahaffey said. “Femininity should be expressed through other features instead of hair. Short hair is wanting to let go of society based impressions.” My short hair never made me feel beautiful, perhaps “cute” and “sassy,” but beautiful — no, unless I conjured up the Audrey Hepburn inside of myself. A short haircut removes all of those girly adjectives in an instant. It does introduce a whole new set, like “sophisticated,” “sassy,” “powerful,” and “strong.” It takes a woman with a lot of confidence to wear short hair. Have fun with a styleUltimately, hair is all about attitude. I have forever wanted to get extensions, and in the fantasy, they’re blue. Extensions take you instantly to a different place. You can go from 5 inches to 20 in the matter of hours. How many men would love that?Now that my hair has grown a bit longer, I clip on a ponytail, I have a hair piece with crazy braids and several wigs. It is amazing what each of these hair pieces can do to the look of an outfit and attitude. The ponytail, for example, instantly makes me feel girlyThis summer, Mahaffey said stronger bobs are expected to dominate the trends. “Variations of bobs, stronger bangs and warmer tones,” he said. ” This summer, looks are all about natural texture and dimension, low lying wave that happens below the face rather than above.” Hair: Learn to love it and let it go. Whatever the style, let go of attachment and let your inner beauty expert emerge. Be free and have fun. No matter what happens, one thing is certain- your hair will always grow back.

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