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Hamas clearly to blame

Mikki Futernick
Vail, CO, Colorado

As we have been reading and hearing over the past few days, Israel once again finds herself in a position of having to defend her citizens from hundreds of missile attacks being launched from the Gaza Strip by Hamas.

Although Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and transferred total authority and control of the entire area to the Palestinian Authority, the situation for the average Palestinian did not improve even with billions of dollars of aid from many countries. When Hamas assumed control of Gaza through military means, the state of affairs for all people living in the Gaza deteriorated even more.

Israel does not target Palestinian civilians. However, it is well known that the Palestinian terrorist organizations work out of population centers and cynically exploit them. They learned this strategy from the Hezbollah in Lebanon. The real responsibility for any Palestinian civilian getting hurt, rests completely on the shoulders of Hamas.

Those homes and buildings which are used for storing weapons and manufacturing weaponry are legitimate military targets. The initial Israel air force strike hit 50 targets, including Hamas bases, training camps, headquarters and offices. A second wave struck 60 targets, including underground Kassam rocket launchers placed in bunkers and Grad missile silos. When you consider the targets, does this sound like a “ragtag” defenseless group or does the Hamas sound like an army planning to wage a vicious war … not just launch a dozen missiles and mortars every day?

Of course, the United Nations is calling on Israel to halt the violence, but the U.N. had little to say about the 500 missiles and mortars shot into Israel during the “Calm Agreement.” The press reports that the “Calm Agreement” ended on Dec. 19, when Hamas determined not to renew the treaty. In truth the “Calm Agreement” actually ended long before that date, as the various Palestinian terrorist groups shot multiple missiles and mortars into Israel for weeks before Dec. 19. Where was the U.N. to say, “Halt the violence”? The U.N. is notorious for its anti-Israel attacks, and therefore had nothing to say about the terror raining down on Israeli women and children.

Fortunately, most world leaders condemned Hamas and clearly said they asked for it. Condoleezza Rice said, “We strongly condemn the repeated rocket and mortar attacks and hold Hamas responsible for breaking the cease fire.”

Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, said on Sunday in Cairo that Hamas could have avoided the Israeli attacks in Gaza. At a press conference Saturday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Gheit held Hamas responsible for Israel’s military action in Gaza, saying that “Egypt warned for a long time, and someone who ignores warnings is responsible for the outcome.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday said the blame for renewed violence in the Middle East can be pinned on Hamas.

Even the Czech Republic, which takes over the EU presidency on Jan. 1, defended Israel’s strikes against Hamas. To this moment Hamas has not stopped shooting missiles into Israel.

When you see reporters covering this story from the point of view of Hamas, it would be like covering the bombing of Dresden during World War II from the point of view of the Nazi Germans. You have to know that those reporters are not giving you the true story, but the Palestinian narrative based on lies and deceit.

For seven years, hundred of thousands of Israeli citizen in the south have been suffering from missiles being fired at them every day. Would our government allow Venezuela to rain rockets down on Americans living in the southern part of the United States? I think not. We would retaliate quickly and decisively in order to make sure it never happens again. And that is what the Israeli government has determined to do: protect its citizens and allow them to live the normal lives that every country provides its citizens.

Mikki Futernick

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