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Scott Cunningham

Two suspects, one identified and one unknown, stole two cheeseburgers, two English muffins, Two Philly steaks and one Austin Powers DVD from a Vail convenience store Dec. 17. One suspect later returned to the store and returned the stolen property. The other is still on the loose.Paint Ball-isticTwo Gypsum boys were charged with tampering after they spent the afternoon shooting paint balls at passing motorists on Interstate 70 on Dec. 8. They were identified and subsequently apprehended after the driver of a vehicle they shot chased them down and positively ID’d them. The boys also later admitted to shooting an ECO Transit bus.That’s no Snicker’s BarAn Eagle-Vail man was arrested for criminal mischief on Dec. 11 after damaging the hot tub at his residential complex. The suspect came home extremely intoxicated on the night in question and decided to go down to the hot tub. While getting in, he broke two straps off of the leather cover and then got in naked. He also proceeded to urinate in the Jacuzzi and then deficated both in and out of the hot tub. The incident was caught on videotape.Broken heart, glassAn irate customer was arrested for vandalism at a gas station in Eagle-Vail Dec. 14. The suspect first grew upset because the cashier informed him that he could not prepay for $20 worth of fuel. The man then left the store, pulled his truck up to the front door, re-entered the store and attempted to purchase a 50-cent newspaper with a credit card. Once the cashier informed him that it was store policy not to allow a charge for any item under a dollar in price, the suspect cursed him out and stormed out of the store, in the process kicking open the front door and breaking the glass contained therein.Careless guestA guest at an Avon hotel was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia Dec. 13. Housekeepers found five marijuana pipes and a bag of cocaine in the bathroom of his unit. The guest’s dog had also made a number of stains of the carpet of the unit.

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