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Handiest handyman

Spencer Molloy is the handiest Kiwi around.

Spencer Molloy of Kiwi Auto Repair isn’t likely to wax poetic about rotors and pistons, but he can keep any engine running smoothly. “It’s work, it’s got to be done,” says the New Zealander. “But there’s a bit of satisfaction in fixing things.” He’s been in the valley 12 years, and owned his shop for two.

Lew MesKimen is the original Masked Man of Minturn. “We’ve been here 30 years and do anything legal in the service industry,” he says. That includes tree lighting, snow removal, lawn care, window washing, home maintenance and dealing with the pesky skunks and raccoons who sneak into homes. Bruce Johnsen is known primarily as a fine cabinetmaker and installer, but his skills run deep. He tinkers with engines, dabbles in plumbing, and manages to find homes for discards of the many kitchen remodels he’s involved in. Best of all, he’s been known to help damsels in distress get out of snowed in driveways. Ask him about his fledgling company Vail Valley Monkey Rental.

Harvey Craig graduated with an engineering degree, but a serious case of wanderlust sent him on the road. “The handyman thing happened out of necessity,” he says. “You’re traveling, you’re broke, you stand on a barstool and ask, ‘Whose car needs fixing?'” These days he’s busy with Inspection Engineers, his company which performs property inspections from an engineer’s perspective. But he’s still damned handy.

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