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Hangover starts at CU

Don Rogers

Well, there goes one of Professor Churchill’s little Eichmanns, or Hoffmans, as the case may be. Part of the great, corrupted machine. It really has been quite a party, a real riot for the University of Colorado. The hangover is long overdue.The university president finally exercised some sober judgment this week and quit. Betsy Hoffman follows the liquor store owner athletic director, Dick Tharp, out the door. So how aggressively should the football coach be booted? Besides some dopey regents, Gary Barnett’s party needs to end sooner rather than later. He called Hoffman a great friend when asked to comment on her resignation. Well he should. Back at Northwestern, his action and inaction surely would have earned him a pink slip faster than you can say illegal procedure.Hoffman survived No. 1 rating as the party school in America, and that’s saying something. Riots, alleged rapes, crazy recruiting stories, death by drinking, governor’s wrath, attorney general’s investigation. Even a Monty Python commission, along with a real grand jury, offered scathing reports of officials gone crazy.Maybe she would have survived all this, to the institution’s shame. Insular does not begin to describe these folks. Hoffman spoke to the faculty last week not of slush funds and other alleged sleaziness at the school, but the nutty professor’s right to be nutty. Never mind revelations of his suspiciously fast-tracked tenure or dubious scholarship.She was really, really good at fund-raising, close cousin to politicking, another acknowledged strength. At least until the end, when the governor trumped her. But then, the sad fact that the party at CU had gone on way too long was all too apparent to everyone but a regent or two still hollering, “Go Buffs!”Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Vail, Colorado

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