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Happiest parents in the Vail Valley, world

Candice, Ted and Lily Wilhelmsen
Vail, CO, Colorado

By now many of you have heard the wonderful news that Lily Wilhelmsen Leach was born on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day! Ted and I have been truly blessed with our miracle baby and we are the happiest parents in the world!

Like most flowers that blossom here in the early spring, Lily faced some very serious challenges the moment she entered this new world. After a quick helicopter ride to Denver and a week’s stay at the hospital NICU, she is now a healthy and radiant baby girl!

While the past few weeks have been the most trying of our lives, they have also brought immense joy, peace, and love. The overwhelming support of our friends and family from around the world gave us such hope, which we clung to with unwavering optimism and faith. From even the second she was born we were blessed with two guardian angels: our dear friends, Keith Samuels and Trygve Hutto, who were also my obstetrician and anesthesiologist. Their intuition and attentiveness hours prior to my delivery, the speed at which they assessed the situation, and those critical decisions they made after she was born undoubtedly saved her life. We are forever indebted to them.

In the hours and days to follow, we (literally) left a trail of petals wherever we went. Ted agreed to carry around all the bouquets of flowers from the Vail hospital to friends’ apartments that were so graciously offered to us during the week we were in Denver.

Friends and family members drove through blizzards to see us if even just to give us a big hug, a quick foot massage, a basket of food, or simply positive energy.

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For the sake of keeping this letter rather succinct, I cannot honor all the names of everyone who visited, called, emailed, sent gifts, and prayed for us. But please know that we are eternally grateful to all of you.

Life has certainly taken on a new meaning. The dreaded sleep deprivation that new parents await is now simply a privilege — the privilege to feed, care for, admire, and caress your baby at any time of day or night. We have been reintroduced to the community of friends and family that have showered all three of us with love; they are the village who will help raise our daughter. Thank you. Love,

Candice, Ted and Lily Wilhelmsen

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