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Happy times for economy

Don Rogers

We have snow. The East Coast and Europe do not. And, so, we have more skiers than ever.The U.S. dollars compares favorably around the world. Vacations here are pretty good deals – if you like snow and need a great place to ski.Last weekend, Martin Luther King Jr.’s present to ski country in lieu of a O.something percentage of African American residents, had to be at or near record-setting levels for visitors. Beaver Creek had near peak Vail numbers by winning the snowfall lottery and folks hearing about it. Vail was beyond crowded as well.Add that to good Christmas holiday numbers and this has to be clear: Business in the Vail Valley is as good as it gets right now. If you own a business and did not reap a windfall, well, you might need to consider a new line. It won’t get better than this, with all the snow gods, stars and so on aligned just about right.Oh, sure, the Front Range snow crisis could have fallen here and become instead an embarrassment of riches for the High Country resorts. Let’s not be greedy. If we didn’t get quite the early snowfall of last year, we’re certainly gaining from the warm winter everywhere else. And Colorado ski resort numbers are up 7 percent over last year’s bounty.Even crude oil prices are plummeting just in time for our drive-in visitors. Economically, this is an avalanche of good providence.

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