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Hard choices for a snow-country parent

Allen Best

WINTER PARK – Among the many decisions faced by parents in snow country is how should their first-born be allowed to learn to slide on snow.For the 4-year-old son of Patrick Brower, publisher of the Winter Park Manifest, snowmobiling is out of the question. And it’s not really a matter of skis vs. snowboards. That juncture comes later.You might think that leaves cross-country skis. But then you’re probably not a cross-country skier. Daddy Patrick explains that the anguished choices are the diagonal stride, his first love, and skate skiing. Son Sebastian will be striding first.Brower has no illusions about the long term.”I fear that once he’s exposed to alpine skiing – whether on skis or a snowboard – he’ll never want to cross-country ski again, because the thrill of careening downhill at extremely high speeds, frequently out of control, in the midst of trees and other out-of-control kids, its tough to match on cross-country skis,” he says, adding wryly: “Although I’ve done it.” Lots of new Olivias and JonathansSTEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Olivias and Jonathans were the top names chosen for newborns last year at Steamboat Springs’ Yampa Valley Medical Center.”J” names were popular for boys in general. After Jonathan the popular names were Joshua, Jeremiah and Jesse. For girls, “A” names such as Alexis, Andrea and Arianna were popular.As well, reports The Steamboat Pilot, Western-inspired names were popular: Aspen, Cody, and Dakota, as well as Hac, Shane, and Weston.Cougars reported in Lake TahoeINCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. – A somewhat surprising number of mountain lion sightings have been reported in the area of Incline Village, one of the resort communities at Lake Tahoe. Usually, mountain lions follow deer herds, which means they should be elsewhere, notes the Nevada Bonanza.Vail, Colorado

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