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Hard rock comes to Avon

Geoff Mintz
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

Local rock bands come and go, but rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay.

With the hope of filling a niche that is currently unaddressed in the local music scene, Inch Of Dark will make its local debut Friday night at Finnegan’s Wake in Avon.

The new group has inspirations ranging from the classic rockers of the ’70s to the hair bands of the ’80s up through the grunge movement of the ’90s. They promote a modern sound while maintaining the spirit of bands like The Who, Metallica and Tool.

It’s hard rock, not to be confused with the band member’s two previous heavy metal projects, Aztec Benjamin and 2012. The group is comprised of Jerome Chawlek on vocals and guitar, Chad MacKenzie on guitar, Garret Parvin on bass and Ryan Horn on drums.

“None of us are really metal heads,” Parvin said. “A lot of time with metal, it’s more double-kick bass, fast, heart-pounding, heavier screaming, whereas a hard rock band is more of a groove song; the vocals are much more mellow with a sweeping guitar sound.”

Inch Of Dark’s well-oiled sound is complex, with skillful, precise instrumentation and the adrenaline-infused authenticity of a proper hard rock show.

“It’s been a natural fit for us,” Chawlek said. “Compared to my experience in 2012 and their experience in Aztec Benjamin, this group is a more cohesive unit – we’re really on the same page.”

Rock with a modern flair

Having written a solid catalog of original songs – at least a full show’s worth – Inch Of Dark goes well beyond the generic repertoire of hard rock cover band. The group formed in May 2010 and tonight is the band member’s second show. They wanted to have enough time to sufficiently compose music and dial it in for a live performance.

“We’re not here to regurgitate (stuff) from the past. It’s good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll with a modern flair,” Chawlek said. “It resembles the sound of the bikes we ride.”

In addition to being a rock band, Inch Of Dark is also a local motorcycle club that organizes group rides. Anyone can join in, they say, whether you ride a Harley, a crotch rocket or a tractor.

The name Inch Of Dark comes from something that’s not evil, but something that not quite right within everybody – the inch of dark in everyone’s soul, Mackenzie said.

The band member’s have lofty goals and high expectations. They plan on playing more shows, getting into the studio to record an album, and would like to tour regionally and nationally. Ultimately they’d like to quit their day jobs and make playing music into a career.

But first and foremost, they’re here to bring hard rock back to the valley.

“With all the transient people in this town, you get people from everywhere,” Parvin said. “The hip-hop and jam bands are here too, but there are people with some attitude that want to go have some fun. It’s here. It’s out there.”

They’ll be opening for Guttermouth at Sandbar on Feb. 25, and they headline tonight’s show in Avon.

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