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Hard to drive with two right shoes

J.K. Perry

EAGLE – Two right shoes on a woman’s feet made wrong Oct. 29 when she got arrested for driving drunk in Eagle, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s report.The woman parked along the shoulder of a road, where a deputy stopped her. The deputy smelled booze and saw she had watery, bloodshot eyes so he asked her to get out of the car.The woman got out, and the deputy saw she was wearing two right shoes – one a black clog and the other a man’s brown low-cut boot. The unsteady woman admitted to drinking two to three beers and a shot of Jack Daniels.The deputy arrested her for drunk driving and other traffic violations.

GYPSUM – A grandmother was duped for $1,000 ransom when a man called her and claimed to have kidnapped her grandson-in-law somewhere in Eagle County, according to a Sheriff’s report.The grandmother got the call – which showed up on caller ID – from the man, who said he was holding the grandson ransom for $1,800. He told her to wire the money to him in Mexico by Western Union, but the woman only had $500. The man threatened the grandmother, so she borrowed another $500 from a neighbor, which was good enough for the man.He told the grandmother to pick her grandson up at the Eagle Conoco after the two $500 transfers went through. The money went through and the grandmother went to the gas station.The grandson never showed up, so the grandmother called the phone number from the caller ID. The same man answered, but he denied the kidnapping. The grandmother then called her family in El Salvador, where the grandson was safe and had no clue about the faux kidnapping.The grandmother realized she was scammed. Deputies forwarded the case to the FBI.

EDWARDS – Six-foot tall blond women don’t grow on trees, but some apparently steal jackets, according to a Sheriff’s report.Ptarmigan Sports in Edwards caught a 6-foot tall blond woman on video Oct. 30 walking into a dressing room with three jackets and a pair of pants. She exited carrying the pants, which she paid for with a credit card while adjusting her own coat. She didn’t purchase any of the jackets.An employee walked into the dressing room after the woman left and found one of the jackets – valued at $180 – missing.A deputy took the name from the credit card receipt and got a drivers license photo of the woman that matched the woman in the video. The deputy planned to talk to the woman and verify her identity before taking action.

GYPSUM – Several underage party people got busted for drinking Oct. 28 when a deputy went to a house party to investigate a fight, according to a Sheriff’s report.The deputy knocked at the door and someone answered and yelled “The cops are here.” Several occupants ran out the back door. The deputy found several beer bottles in the living room.The deputy spoke outside to the alleged victim and another person about the fight. In the meantime, the deputy found two male juveniles hiding in the backyard bushes. He went back inside and found several other juveniles drinking. In all, five people were ticketed for underage drinking.All information from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 748-2928 or jkperry@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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