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Harsh reality of those 1,000

Don Rogers

This is an upopular point, since the death of one soldier cannot be dismissed as a statistic. Every life matters, and every soldier’s sacrifice even more so.Still, cold as this is, we’ll say it: The deaths of 1,000 American military people in the Iraqi War over the past 18 months falls under 1 percent of the 125,000-plus soldiers deployed there and remains among the most bloodless wars in history.Make of that as you will, but don’t act as though this war stands out in any way for sheer butchery. Service on these front lines is wearisome and dangerous, and obviously, the ultimate sacrifices are happening almost daily. Sadly enough, Iraq under Saddam Hussien was bloodier than that to its own citizenry. Their death toll, incidentally, is remarkably light for a country of 25 million people embroiled in these throes between tyranny ending and democracy taking root. Whatever you think of the efficacy of this war, don’t succumb to the fiction that Iraq even now is a complete bloodbath. Plainly it’s not.Trash talkingSigh. Prosecutors who could not manage to get their rape case against Kobe Bryant in front of a jury feel compelled to keep talking up what a great case they had.If they had a great case, they would have brought it on. Simple as that. The alleged victim would have understood they had such a case and carried through.She didn’t. They don’t. And on this moves toward a civil trial.The young woman and her lawyers may be surprised to find that interest in the case has waned once past the life consequences of a criminal trial. Ducking the criminal trial took the case out of the realm of justice.She might well have been raped, but that must be proved. Woulda-coulda assertions now is just so much talk. Vail, Colorado

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