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Has guitar, will travel

Wren Wertin

The acoustic guitar player writes his own songs and has been described as “Sting meets Stevie Wonder meets Joni Mitchell,” in other publications.

“Lyrically my music is poetic like Joni Mitchell. My musical style is sophisticated, a bit like Sting. Vocally I’ve got a lot of soul I try to convey, and that comes across like Stevie Wonder. I guess you could call it singer/songwriter acoustic soul.”

The former Mousekateer accredits his need for music to his roots. His mother and her 11 siblings all sing, his father was a guitar player, and his grandpa was a pianist in Detroit during the radio days. Family reunions often had a big crowd of relatives eagerly awaiting their turn in front of the crowd.

“Creating music is the closest thing to a personal relationship with God or the spiritual realm,” he said. “It’s my daily communion with the world, my means of expressing my experience. I do it because I have to.”

He plays to Martin guitars; one of them was once his father’s. In a sense, Lucca is living one of his father’s dreams.

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Even taking into account a family heavily rooted in music performance, Lucca has unmistakably found quick success on the touring circuit. He attributes that to taking lots of notes.

“And I pay really close attention,” he said. “Of course, I got breaks at a young age. At 15, I was on the Mickey Mouse Club, which has become a crazy pool of talent.”

In was being on that show that enabled him to meet some of the N’Sync musicians. Most people wouldn’t pair the acoustic sound of Lucca with the pop stage show known as N’Sync, but Lucca thinks that was exactly the point.

“They pride themselves on offering up a well-rounded show – eclectic, and more music-oriented,” he said. When I was on the road with them, I felt justified in being out there. We share a lot of the same fans, and a lot of them are ready for something new or different. The whole crew is a bit like that.”

Members of N’Sync are taking a bit of a hiatus to pursue solo careers and other. As for Lucca, he’s ready to hit the road again with other artists. A traveling man, he likes meeting new and interesting people wherever he is.

“I aspire to have longevity and a sense of timelessness in my music,” he said. “I’m a big fan of the music of the “60s and “70s, the classic rock artists that stand the test of time – Neil Young, Van Morrisson, Bob Dylan – the people that made waves and continue to make waves, span the generation gap.”

He has two independent albums, and is currently shopping around his studio work to record labels. In the meantime, he’ll pop up and play whenever the urge strikes. Tonight, that’s the Half Moon Saloon with local musicians at around 10 p.m.

Wren Wertin can be reached via e-mail at wrenw@vaildaily.com or phone at 949-0555 ext. 618.

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