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Hasan beholden to none

In a time when it seems like every politician is in the pockets of special interests and has completely lost touch with the needs and concerns of normal voters, it is refreshing to have a candidate like Ali Hasan running for House District 56.

From phone calls, to his canvas grocery bags, to going door to door, Ali has worked extremely hard to get to know his constituents and listen to what they care about. He is a man of great energy and conviction and he is ready to represent the Western Slope.

While some may be put off by the amount of his own personal fortune he has invested in his campaign, I would argue that it not only shows his commitment to the office, but also that he owes no one any favors.

Ali will represent the people of Eagle, Lake and Summit counties with integrity, measure and passion and is ready to get things done.

I hope you will join me in supporting him this November.

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