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Hasan needs more experience

Cindy Stewart, Eagle

As we vet out our state house rep, the real focus of our community should be whether or not he has the civic, business, and real life experience to get the job done.

My concern is Ali Hasan has very little experience, if any. How does being a “tyro” teacher in training for about a year qualify someone to take a state level political office? If Ali wants to serve his community, great, but start off at a local level and get some civic experience first. How about starting with a town council position or even a volunteer design review position? Does he know how to participate in meetings, listen to people, follow “Roberts Rules of Order”(ie., how to make a motion), or even how to interact with fellow politicians? Has he been regularly attending local council and board meetings to find out what the issues are? No, he hasn’t. Ali doesn’t even have any significant business or senior management background, like many others who enter the political arena. And no, making an independent film or being a commentator on Fox doesn’t give someone the acumen to be a good representative of the community. Ask yourself if Ali has the qualifications and relevant experience of someone you want to take a political office of this magnitude and represent us.

We as a community should be digging into the money subject as the amount of his personal funds being spent might just land him the job. Should an unqualified person be able to literally buy their way into office? Unfortunately, too many people vote based upon name recognition on the ballot or someone who knocked on their door. Another question we should be asking ourselves ” how come virtually nobody is giving money to the Hasan campaign? (Only $950 of the $190,000 is from other contributers) Is this indicative of a candidate who has no support in the community? Money should not be a prelude to political office.

If Hasan wants to “make a difference” as Kaye Ferry points out, I’m all for it, but start off with some more grassroots experience and then move up the ladder.

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