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Hasan stands by resume in Beaver Creek

Chris Outcalt
Beaver Creek, CO Colorado

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” State House candidate Ali Hasan responded Friday to accusations by Edwards resident Don Cohen that he “wildly exaggerated” parts of his resume.

Cohen, in a letter to the Vail Daily, questioned Hasan’s qualifications as an environmental scientist, a filmmaker and a commentator.

“I think there are definitely inaccuracies in his resume,” Cohen said Friday. “I don’t think his resume would pass scrutiny in a corporation.”

Hasan wrote a letter in response to Cohen’s, highlighting his degree in environmental science from Occidental College, awards won by his film “Rabia” and his guest appearances on “The Dennis Miller Show” and “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher.

Hasan, a Republican running for the Eagle County’s state House District 56 seat, further clarified his resume on Friday.

“Independent Pattern of Study” is the formal title of the degree Hasan received from Occidental College in Los Angeles in 2004.

Environmental science was a major part of his course work, he said.

“A strong component of my degree was in environmental science,” Hasan said. “It was pretty much the equivalent of a major.”

Occidental College offers the Independent Pattern of Study degrees for students interested in devising their own degree path, said Jim Tranquada, the college’s communications director.

“In some ways it’s more difficult than a conventional major,” Tranquada said. “You

have to think constructively about what courses you can put together, it takes a lot more thought.”

Hasan said he also took courses in filmmaking and education.

A working commentator

Hasan made two appearances on “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher. He was asked to be a regular commentator, but the show was canceled before he could make another appearance, he said.

“I was made a regular guest and scheduled to appear more regularly,” he said.

A similar situation happened with “The Dennis Miller Show,” Hasan said.

Hasan made three appearances on the program and agreed to be a regular guest commentator, he said. The show was canceled before he could go on the show again.

Hasan said he’s made frequent appearances on Fox News and the BBC.

Hasan was a master’s student at Chapman University when he made the film “Rabia.”

But Hasan said he’s entered the film in numerous professional film contests and considers it a professional work.

“It was my thesis project in graduate school, but we fundraised for it and considered it a professional work,” he said. “We often competed at the professional level and won.”

The film has won more than 20 awards, Hasan said.

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