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Hasan’s right on the monorail

The subject that caught my attention with Ali Hasan was the monorail proposal. Having lived in the valley for more than six years, I feel that the monorail is crucial for the ski economy. It would boast the economy from Eagle County to Denver, while creating more job opportunities.

It also would reduce the housing issue we are having in mountain towns, while greatly reducing gas emissions statewide.

The other reason Ali Hasan is my choice for House District 56 is his stance on the pine beetle issue. We need to take this matter into our own hands. The federal government doesn’t witness on a day-to-day basis the effect this is having on our national forest. By alleviating the federal government, we would be able to take aggressive action toward the pine beetle infestation.

I moved to this great state for its beauty, as well as the community’s friendliness toward the environment. That’s why Ali Hasan is my choice for House District 56.

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